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Nuclear Medicine, Nuclear Cardiology, and PET

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Welcome to Sirona Complete Care

Sirona Complete Care is the leading resource for medical imaging accessories, with a specialty in Nuclear Medicine, Nuclear Cardiology, and PET. From Radioactive Sources to Patient Positioners, we have a solution for you.


When you partner with Sirona, we become an extension of your team. We’re committed to finding the right solution and serving your requests as quickly as possible.


We have access to the products you need, and you have access to us.


We take pride in the relationships we’ve built, and our deep roots within the medical imaging community mean anything you need is just a quick call away. If we don’t have what you’re looking for, we know where to get it.


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“Loved doing business with y’all! Made my job easier for sure. You never wavered in your commitment to great customer service and superior products. Thanks for that!”

-Randy Ryder, Former Nuclear Medicine Technologist

“Sirona is very customer focused. I’ve been doing business with them for over 20 years, and whatever I need, they take care of it right away. I wish all my vendors were this easy and attentive! I really enjoy doing business with them.”

-Mike Petrenko, Chief Technologist

“You get a more personalized experience with Sirona. They’re always thinking ahead and accessible; I’ve never not been able to reach them. The proposal is what originally attracted us, but the relationship has kept us there.”

-Bill Scheve, Barnes Jewish Hospital

“I really enjoy working with Sirona! They are very approachable, and seem to really understand the customers’ needs. Their follow up is great, and they’re always willing to go the extra mile.”

-John Viscovic, Capintec

“Sirona’s customer experience is unparalleled. They sincerely care about the well-being of their customers, and have superior deliverability. Once the delivery date is set, I know it’s going to be there. I trust them.”

-Ken Smith, Oxford Instruments

“Sirona really has a finger on the pulse of the market. They’re just solid performers. I can’t tell you how many times they’ve come through for us. Recently, we were delayed on an install. We called Sirona, and they were able to get sources released to us faster than we expected. They really came through for us! They make sure whatever you need comes to fruition.”

-Blake Nielson, BC Technical

“Sirona is so easy to work with, but what I’m most impressed with is the fact that they know just about every aspect of the nuclear world. They go far beyond what most people would do to learn and stay immersed. If someone wants top notch service, who will follow up even after a sale, Sirona is the way to go. They’re just great!”

-Cheryl Odom, Cardiology Offices

“You do business with people you like and trust, and Sirona’s professionalism has extended into friendship. They’re really dedicated to the long-term relationship and customer service. And they always deliver.”

-Levester Jones, Florida Cancer Specialists

“Sirona is very trustworthy and dependable. They do what they say they’ll do. Sirona has always been very responsive to my needs, and I highly recommend them.”

-Max Carone, Kettering Medical Center

I really appreciate your help the other day. Getting those numbers for the 2018 sealed source purchases was really big. Excellent customer service when I can call in on the spur of the moment and you drop everything to get me the answer.

-Bill Scheve, C.N.M.T., Nuclear Medicine Specialist


Reduce Motion Artifacts with Scan-Bands®

Reduce Motion Artifacts with Scan-Bands®

The Scan-Bands® Patient Support System is beneficial to your imaging department because it reduces motion artifacts and can potentially save your department money. Scan-Bands help secure patients in imaging procedures, which then allows for more patient confidence and...

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Distributor of SWE Theranostics Accessories

Distributor of SWE Theranostics Accessories

As the fastest-growing discipline in nuclear medicine and molecular imaging, theranostics is revolutionizing the category, and saving lives in the process. At the same time, better shielding solutions are needed to reduce exposure and meet new regulatory standards....

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COVID-19 and V/Q Studies

COVID-19 and V/Q Studies

SNMMI released a statement in March of 2020 about concerns that had risen over COVID-19 spread to patients and staff through the ventilation portion of ventilation perfusion (V/Q) scans. V/Q scans are important for accurate diagnoses of various illnesses. SNMMI...

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