Theranostics Syringe / Vial Shields

Theranostics Syringe/Vial Shields

Syringe shields and Vial shields from Sirona Complete Care are utilized by nuclear medicine personnel for dose rate reduction when working with radiopharmaceuticals. For use in your Theranostics center, department or laboratory, our Syringe shields and Vial shields provide optimal protection to nuclear medicine technologists. Syringe shields are available for different isotopes and syringe cc’s.

Sirona Complete Care offers a variety of SWE Vial Shields, including GA-68 Vial Shields, T-Line Vial Shields, Vial Grips, and Y-90 Lucite Vial Shields. SWE Shields are manufactured with 95% Tungsten to help radically reduce radiation exposure to nuclear medicine personnel while also enhancing ergonomics for ease of handling.

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