Injection Pump Shields

Injection Pump Shields

Injection Pumps Shields available from Sirona are designed to be used with the type of pumps that are necessary in nuclear medicine, such as the widely-used Graseby syringe pumps.

The Graseby pumps are used in Theranostics centers and departments for the infusion of diagnostic and therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals like Lutathera, Azedra, AdreView, Megatope, Hicon, and others.

Injection Pump Shields protect nuclear medicine personnel by providing a significant reduction in the contact skin dose for all isotopes. The lead glass shield is see-through so the syringe can be easily viewed during the infusion.

Sirona Complete Care carries the Graseby Injection Pump Shield using Graseby 3100 Syringe Pump or Graseby 3400 Syringe Pump. Need information about a different product? Call us at 1-888-9SIRONA or email us at

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