SWE Vial Shields

SWE Vial Shields

Nuclear medicine employees are routinely exposed to gamma radiation emitted by the radioactive elements used for diagnostic and therapeutic treatments, necessitating precautionary measures. At Sirona Complete Care, our product suite of the latest medical imaging solutions includes a variety of SWE Vial Shields for Theranostics.

The vial infusion of radioisotopes used in Theranostics requires shielding the nuclear medicine technologist administering a dose. Vial shielding in lead or tungsten safely stores and transports radioactive vials. Lead or lead glass shields used during the handling of radioisotopes also minimizes technicians’ exposure and dose rate.

Preparing radiopharmaceuticals involves the production of the radionuclides, synthesis of the non-radioactive compound and reaction of the radionuclide with the non-radioactive compound. SWE Vial Shields offered by Sirona Complete Care provide a continuum of radiation safety during radiopharmaceutical production processes, including elution, compounding, heat activation, and dose dispensing.

When it comes to products for Nuclear Medicine, Nuclear Cardiology, and Positron Emission Tomography (PET), look no further than Sirona Complete Care. Whether it’s SWE Vial Shields for Theranostics or accessories for medical imaging, we have what you need.

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