Theranostics Syringe Shields

Theranostics Syringe Shields

Nuclear medicine personnel responsible for preparing and injecting radiopharmaceuticals turn to Sirona Complete Care for the right products to reduce hand exposure and dose rate.

Theranostics Syringe Shields are manufactured with tungsten and designed to provide a continuum of radiation safety for dose dispensing, transportation and administration by nuclear medicine technologists or patients.

Sirona carries SWE Theranostics Syringe Shields, which feature a patent pending lock mechanism. The syringe shields have no screws or springs and an ergonomic design that opens and closes with one-third rotation.

Sirona Complete Care prides itself on offering the highest quality products available for your Theranostics department or center. Our foremost goal is to help you maintain high quality patient care while improving operational efficiency.

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