12 Station Automatic Vial Dispenser Dispensing Systems

Ideal System for Daily Production in a cGMP Facility

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The 12 Station Automatic Vial Dispenser is a fully automated system for dispensing multiple vials with different doses in a continuous process. The rubber stopper is removed, the vial is filled with a radiopharmaceutical to the correct dose level, the rubber stopper is replaced, the aluminum cap is sealed, the bar code is applied, and the vial is returned to the transport container without interruption. The unit is able to dispense twelve different isotopes, including F-18, Gu-64, Ni-63, I-131, and Tl-201.

This dispenser is an ideal system for daily production in a cGMP facility


  • A rotating carriage delivers twelve 10 ml vials into position for processing.

  • A moveable suction device removes the rubber stopper.

  • A clamp both removes and replaces the aluminum cap.

  • A rotating arm moves the dispensing needle into position.

  • Software controls the process of dispensing the unit dose, dose dilution, and calculating dose decay time corrections.

  • A dose calibrator measures the activity in each vial.

  • A capping device seals the aluminum cap.

  • A bar code scanner identifies the dose prescription.

  • A moveable clamp delivers the filled vial to the transport carriage.



  • Model: MDV-12

  • Dispensing time: Average 70 second per vial (15 minutes for 12 vials)

  • Dimensions: 54 x 50 x 34 cm (W x D x H)

  • Weight: 40 kg

  • Power: 110 voltage, 1 phase, 10 Amp

  • Pneumatic pressure: 6 bar

Item Number

0670-20002 12 Station Automatic Vial Dispenser