511 C-Tec & 511 Dose Drawing Syringe Shield

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511 C-Tec Syringe Shield

This special Syringe Shield is manufactured to provide shielding for 511 keV nuclides. The 511 Syringe Shield is made of Tungsten with a 0.5" lead equivalency. It has a viewing area of 0.75" thick lead glass surrounded by a rubber grommet to prevent damage to the glass. Fluorescent gold gloss covers the interior of the syringe shield for exceptional visibility of the syringe contents.

An optional "Double Clip" security holder is also available.

511 Dose-Drawing Syringe Shield

The 511 Dose Drawing Syringe Shields are constructed with the same featured shielding as the 511 C-Tec Syringe Shields. The needle end of the syringe shield has a Tungsten disc that protects the user's hands during the dose drawing procedure.

There are 2 pins in the end disc that secure the shield to the Drawing Station. This allows single handed dose removal from the drawing station

Item Numbers

0665-2017 511 Dose Drawing Syringe Shield 5cc
0665-2011 511 Dose Drawing Syringe Shield 10cc
0665-2018 511 Dose Drawing Syringe Shield 20cc
0665-2020 511 C-Tec Syringe Shield 5cc
0665-2015 511 C-Tec Syringe Shield 10cc
0665-2021 511 C-Tec Syringe Shield 20cc
5530-2007 Syringe Security Holder