Accusync 72 ECG Trigger Monitor

Automatic R Wave Detection

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  • Automatic R Wave Detection
  • 3 or 5 Selectable ECG Leads
  • Programmable R Trigger Delay
  • External ECG Interface
  • Universal Voltage



  • Display Area: Height = 98 mm; Width= 132.48 mm
    Display indicates: heart rate, R-R interval, ECG size, ECG lead selection, audio, freeze and print indicator, R trigger event marker. Menu driven selection of parameters displayed on 16 color TFT Active Matrix Display


  • 1) The R trigger is a 5V TTL/CMOS (or 12V) compatible square wave for the computer trigger; independent of ECG signal polarity. R Wave detection and trigger to computer is indicated by audio signal and by presence of a superimposed dot on the R Wave which appears on display. The output can deliver 35 mA of current or drive up to 150 feet long RGU 174/U cable. R trigger is compatible with all computers including Digirad, GE, Hitachi, MDS, Philips, Siemens and Toshiba.
  • 2) RS232 interface available to transmit and receive information via an IBM or compatible computer. In transmit mode, the interface will send the ECG data to the computer while in receiver mode the computer will control the parameters of the instrument.
  • 3) ECG Output: Variable gain analog ECG signal up to x 2000 available on a BNC connector


ECG Isolation Amplifier:

  • Patient Leakage Current: less than 10 μA with 230 V~, 60 Hz applied to the patient leads. Patient related circuitry is isolated from ground by more than 4000 V, 5500V peak.
  • Defibrillator Protection: 5000 V, 10ms duration
  • Common Mode Rejection Ratio: 90db with 51 kOhm imbalance
  • Input Impedance: 100 MOhm
  • Bandwidth: Diagnostic: 0.05 to 100Hz
  • LCD TFT Display: 0.5 to 50Hz
  • Printer: 0.5 to 100Hz
  • Patient Cable: a) 3 lead system; RA, LA and LL with 6 pin connector
    b) 5 lead system; RA, LA, RL, LL and C with 6 pin connector
  • Input Bias Current: 50 nA DC
  • Electrodeoffset Potential: ± 0.5V
  • Sensitivity: 100mV peak

Thermal Chart Recorder:

  • Paper Speed: 25 mm per sec. When FREEZE is selected, recorder prints last 8 seconds of data.
  • Printing Method: Thermal line dot system
  • Resolution: Horizontal-8 dots per mm. Vertical-16 lines per mm.
  • Event Marker: When R Wave is detected, a mark is superimposed on the R Wave to indicate the presence of an R trigger signal triggering the computer.

Item Measurements

  • Dimensions: 6” H x 9” W x 7” D
  • Construction: Aluminum
  • Power: 100-240 V – 60/50 Hz .30/.15A

Item Numbers

7200-3 AccuSync 72, 3-Lead System