ADG 500™ Dispensing Systems

Pump and valve control unit, mechanical control unit, and operating software all in one.

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These Automatic Dispensing Systems are standalone modular devices with three components. These components are the pump and valve control unit, the mechanical control units, and the operating software.

The automated functions include activity concentration, measurement and calculation, decay time correction, saline dilution, gas extraction, and patient data management.


  • Dispenses both Vials and Syringe.

  • Dose measurement, decay correction, saline dilution, and gas extraction are achieved in one continuous step.

  • The accuracy of both systems is within 5% for total activity and within 5% for volume (less than 0.01 ml).

  • The systems can manage activity levels up to 2000 mCi at a concentration of 130 mCi/ml

  • Less than 30 seconds is required for dispensing, dilution and gas extraction.

  • The operating software serves two main functions.

    • Radiopharmacy function:

      • Selects up to 12 nuclides for dispensing.

      • Enables either one or two dose calibrators to measure activity in the mother vial and activity in the daughter syringe.

      • Performs decay time correction and activity calculation for both the mother vial and the daughter syringe dose.

      • Performs volume calibration and activity concentration measurement for daily QC.

    • Patient Management function:

      • Patient data includes date, injection time, required dose, dispensing dose, ID number, weight, and DOB.

      • Residual activity in empty syringe.

      • Remote display in PET injection room.

      • Patient history data base.

      • Electronically recorded and signed

Item Number

0670-0026 ADG-500 Vial and Syringe Dispenser