Aero/Vent Max

An upgrade to the legendary Aero/Vent™ Plus

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Model AV-500

The two tube Aero/Vent™ Max Radioaerosol Lung Imaging System is an upgrade to the legendary Aero/Vent™ Plus. This easy-to-use system combines drop-in kit convenience with maximum shielding and the scuba-style Safety Shield™ Mouthpiece for unsurpassed protection. Unidirectional airflow provides dosing in approximately 2-3 minutes and eliminates breathing resistance to improve throughput of critical patients. Like the classic Aero/Vent™ Plus, the Aero/Vent™ Max delivers submicron particles for superior radiotracer distribution, resulting in spectacular images. Special kits for ventilator dependent patients are also available for this highly acclaimed system designed exclusively for safety, reliability and performance. Free trial, training materials and Appropriate Use Criteria available!

Improving Patient Care

  • Rapid dosing in just 2-3 minutes, and excellent 100k-150k count images in just 1 minute, improves patient compliance and comfort.

  • Two tube kits provide unidirectional airflow which minimizes breathing resistance, even for shallow breathers.

  • Unidirectional airflow prevents hygroscopic growth, thereby maintaining the optimal particle size (.28µM) for reaching the periphery of the lungs and resulting in remarkably clear images.

  • Normal breathing, as opposed to special breathing requests, reduces the possibility of hot spots or central airway deposition.

  • Expandable 6-24 inch flex-tube allows easy patient positioning upright or supine.

  • Scuba style Safety Shield™ Mouthpiece comes standard and reduces the possibility of slippage and leakage from the corners of the mouth

  • Complete kits with air-cushioned face mask are available for patients unable to use a mouthpiece and/or nose clip.

  • Secure-Fit oxygen tubing eliminates the possibility of air leakage for more efficient dosing and consistent results.

Improving Safety

  • Lead shield is completely lead lined above recommended levels.

  • Nebulizer is fully contained inside kit and shielded by internal lead divider.

  • Oxygen tubing connects to leaded adapter to minimize the risk of exposure at oxygen inlet.

  • External lead lined nose piece provides protection at mouthport opening.

  • Faster dosing minimizes time for possible exposure.

  • Scuba style Safety Shield™ Mouthpiece reduces possible leakage from around the mouth. The snap on cap is used to collect saliva during removal for a quick and safer disposal.

  • HEPA filter provides greater than 99.9% trapping efficiency.

  • Lead shield may be used on a table top or with the Universal Mobile Cabinet™ with optional swing arm for bringing it close to a patient, thereby lessening the need to fully extend tubing and enhancing protection.

Additional Value

  • Simple operation with drop-in kit convenience, complete kits and rapid dosing saves valuable tech time.

  • Outstanding image quality avoids costly do-overs.

  • Kits may be ordered with Safety Shield™ Mouthpiece or air-cushioned face mask.

  • Special, easy-to-use kits for ventilator dependent patients come complete and ready to use, in small case quantities.

  • Aero/Vent™ Max may be used with a variety of isotopes, thereby accommodating price fluctuations and imaging needs.

  • Training materials, Appropriate Use Criteria and product support are readily available.

Item Numbers

AV-500 Aero/Vent Max (two tube) w/Scuba Style Mouthpiece

AV-500M Aero/Vent Max (two tube) w/Mask

AV-400V Aero/Vent for Ventilator Dependent Patients

AV-501A Aero/Vent Max Shield/Canister: Fits Aero/Vent Max and Plus kits