Aero/Vent Plus

The standard by which all other units are judged

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The Aero/Vent™ + Plus 400 is a widely used product.

Technologists continue to use this product because of its dependability and great image quality. This single tube unit has become the standard by which all other units are judged. The dosing time for this unit is 3-4 minutes and the dosage is 40 mCi/mL in a maximum volume of 2 mL.

The Aero/Vent™ Max and the Aero/Vent™ 400 Plus are both available with masks.

Item Numbers

AV-400+ Aero/Vent  Plus (single tube) w/Scuba Style Mouthpiece

AV-400+ M Aero/Vent Plus (single tube) w/Mask

AV-400V Aero/Vent for Ventilator Dependent Patients

AV-501A Aero/Vent Max Shield/Canister: Fits Aero/Vent Max and Plus kits