Bind-It ™ Decontamination Introductory Kit

The Next Generation of Radioactive Decontaminants

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Designed for Nuclear Medicine
The Next Generation of Radioactive Decontaminants

Reasons to use Bind-It Decontaminant Hand Soap every time you wash your hands:

  • Will not dry your hands like ordinary lab soap
  • Fresh, clean scent
  • Economical & convenient
  • Touch-free wall mount dispenser
  • Meets the intent of ALARA
  • Removes contamination every time you wash

When you use Bind-It Decontaminant Spray the difference is clear:

  • Will not cloud lead glass
  • Safely decontaminate Syringe Shields & L-Blocks
  • Removes dirt, dust, oils and grease as well as Radioactive Contamination
  • Used regularly it provides a protective barrier that aids in subsequent cleanup
  • Very mild, pleasant scent

Bind-It Decontamination Introductory Kit:

  • 1 Touch-free dispenser
  • 1 Bind-It Hand Soap- 32 oz bottle
  • 1 Bind-It Decontaminant Spray- 32 oz bottle

Item Numbers

LTI051 Bind-It™ Decontamination Introductory Kit