Fast, simple, and complete isotope tracking system

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The BioDose project was started in March 1999 to fulfill the need for a fast, simple, and complete isotope tracking system. The developers consulted with nuclear medicine technologists to design an efficient and logical layout for the program. State-of-the-art software development languages and database structuring were utilized to develop BioDose's infrastructure. The main premise of the BioDose software package is that it is simple and easy to use. However, don't mistake simplistic for simple! BioDose has the capability to fulfill all of your nuclear isotope tracking needs.

  • Barcode Compatibility- The software reads all commonly used barcodes in the nuclear medicine industry.

  • Batch Dosing- You can dose multiple patients at time from the Dose Patient screen.

  • Bumper Dosing- Dose patients using prescriptions from multiple Rx numbers.

  • Batch Scheduling- You can schedule multiple patients without having to leave the Schedule Patient screen.

  • Multiple Room Scheduling- You can set up multiple rooms for scheduling patient procedures. You can view all the patients scheduled for the day or the patients in a specific room.

  • Dose Calculator- This feature contains many of the latest protocols for drawing non-radioactive pharmaceuticals that are used in common nuclear medicine procedures.

  • Decay Calculator- This feature can quickly and easily post decay and pre decay radionuclides.

  • Customizable Screens- The program allows you to customize many of its screens to view the information most pertinent to your facility.

  • Patient White Board- You can view all your scheduled and dosed patients from this area of the Main Screen.