CRP-200 Dose Tickets and Labels

Duplicate tickets with peel-off, self-stick labels.

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By popular demand we have added the “little patient” to this ticket, making it possible to mark the site of injection. Also included for your convenience is a place to write the patient's name, I.D. number, the study performed and who administered the dose. When used with the CRC®-25R, 25W or Ultra units, one pass through the printer produces two copies of each ticket and two easy-to-remove, peel-off labels.

All tickets and labels are easily separated after printing. Use them for patient charts, department log books and syringe or vial shields. A special adhesive makes labels easy to remove after use.

Item Number

7120-1199 CRP-200 (250 per pack)

7120-1240 CRP-200C (1500 per case)