Decontamination Kit

For handling radioactive spills or other routine contamination problems in the lab

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The Essentials for Decontamination

The Atomlab Decontamination Kit contains all the equipment needed to cope with a radioactive spill or routine decontamination problem in the laboratory. The drum serves as a container for the kit components and as a waste transfer/storage vessel.


Contents of Kit

1 30 gallon fiber drum
2 pair Coverall, Disposable
2 pair Shoe Covers, Disposable
2 Respirators
4 Filters
2 pair Gloves, Reusable
1 gallon Radiacwash
1 CSTR Radiacwash Wipes
1 bottle Radiacwash Spray Mist, 1 liter
10 Poly Bags
1 12” Niptong
1 each Sponge, mop, scrub brush, pail, rope, assorted signs

Item Number

0601-0001 Decontamination Kit, complete