Digital Area Monitor

With built-in GM Gamma Detector

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The Digital Area Monitor with built-in GM Gamma Detector provides continuous gamma radiation monitoring of rooms where radionuclides are received, stored, or dispensed, and in waste management areas where there is the possibility of radioactive contamination. The monitor is wall-mountable.


  • Indicated Use: Area monitoring
  • Compatible Detectors: GM, proportional, scintillation, neutron
  • Linearity: Reading within 10% of true value
  • Response: Typically 3 s from 10% to 90% of final reading
  • Display: Four-digit LED display with 2 cm (0.8 in.) digits
  • Display Range: 000.0 to 9999
  • Display Units: Can be made to display in μR/hr, mR/hr, R/hr, μSv/h, mSv/h, Sv/h, μrem/hr, mrem/hr, rem/hr, cpm, cps, and others
  • Status Indicator: Green light indicates instrument is functioning properly
  • Alarms: Low Alarm: Yellow light, 1 beep/second audible, selectable range: 0 to 9999; High
  • Alarm: Red light, 4 beeps/second audible, selectable range: 0 to 9999; Detector Fail: Red light, constant audible tone > 68 dB at 61 cm (2 ft); Low Bat: Yellow light, indicates less than two hours of battery life remaining
  • High Voltage: Adjustable from 450 to 2500 V
  • Threshold: Adjustable from 2 to 100 mV
  • Dead Time: Adjustable to compensate for dead time of detector and electronics (can be read on display)
  • Overload: Senses detector saturation (indicated by display reading “-OL-”)
  • Overrange: Indicates radiation field being measured has exceeded counting range of instrument (indicated by display reading “– – – –”)
  • Audio: Intensity can vary from approximately 68 to 100 dB through operation of the external rotary baffle and the internal voltage connection. Frequency is approximately 3 kHz
  • Data Output: Nine-pin connector providing five-decade logarithmic output, RS-232 output, signal ground connection, FAIL and ALARM signals (current sink), and direct connection to battery and ground
  • Calibration Controls: Accessible from front of instrument (protective cover provided)
  • Power: 9 Vdc wall-mount adapter, handles any mains voltage worldwide, supplied with four sets of prongs for almost any style wall receptacle
  • Battery Life: 48 hours in non-alarm condition (typical); 12 hours in alarm condition (typical)
  • Battery Charger: Battery is continuously trickle-charged when instrument is connected to line power and turned on
  • Construction: Wall-mount aluminum housing with ivory powder coat
  • Size (H x W x L): 18.7 x 24.6 x 6.4 cm (7.4 x 9.7 x 2.5 in.)
  • Weight: 2.1 kg (4.7 lb)

Item Numbers

051-275 Digital Area Monitor
051-273 Digital Area Monitor