FeatherLite™ Cobalt-57 Rectangular Flood Source

Weighs up to 60% less than other rigid flood sources

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The Co-57 flood source meets the standards established by the manufacturers of the gamma cameras and is shipped with a lead-lined container. 

FeatherLite™ Cobalt-57 Rectangular Flood Source

FeatherLite™ Cobalt-57 Rectangular Flood Source provides a consistent field of radiation to enable the evaluation of nuclear medicine gamma camera performance. It also detects and corrects any camera malfunction prior to diagnostic use. The life of the flood source is approximately two years. 


  • Weighs up to 60% less than other flood sources

  • Reduced strain to the back

  • Greater maneuverability


  • Environmentally safe

  • Proprietary Cobalt chemistry

  • Delivers superior source consistency

  • Technological innovation 

  • Wheel brake for added safety


  • Dimensions: 25.2” l x 17.9” w (64 x 45.5 cm)

  • Active Dimensions: 23.9” l x 16.4” w (60.7 x 41.6 cm)

Item Number

For Millenium MPR, VG & MG, GE Hawkeye, Infinia, Myosite, Philips Argus, Forte, Skylight, Symbia & Siemens E-Cam, Optima NM/CT 640

Model NumberActive DimensionsActivity
SCC1624-05NC16.5" X 24" rectangle5 mCi
SCC1624-10NC16.5" X 24" rectangle10 mCi
SCC1624-15NC16.5" X 24" rectangle15 mCi
SCC1624-20NC16.5" X 24" rectangle20 mCi

For SMV-DST, Multispect 3, Millenium MPS & DSTi/Dsi

Model NumberActive DimensionsActivity
SCC1418-05NC14" X 18" rectangle5 mCi
SCC1418-10NC14" X 18" rectangle10 mCi
SCC1418-15NC14" X 18" rectangle15 mCi
SCC1418-20NC14" X 18" rectangle20 mCi

For CardioMD, Siemens C-Cam, GE Ventri & GE Optima

Model NumberActive DimensionsActivity
SCC1016-05NC10" X 16" rectangle5 mCi
SCC1016-10NC10" X 16" rectangle10 mCi

For Digirad Cardius, Dilon & GVI Clear Vision

Model NumberActive DimensionsActivity
SCC-3744-5-NC10" X 10" square5 mCi
MED-3744-10-NC10" X 16" rectangle10 mCi

For Digirad Ergo

Model NumberActive DimensionsActivity
SCC-3745-10-NC16.6" X 13.2" rectangle10 mCi

For GE Starcam XCT, ACT, Adac ARC 3000, Cirrus, Siemens Orbiter

Model NumberActive DimensionsActivity
SCC18-05NC18.5" round5 mCi
SCC18-15NC18.5" round10 mCi

For GE Discovery GE530c, NM/CT570

Model NumberActive DimensionsActivity
SCC-3743-20-NC10" X 10" square20 mCi