Free Breathing Pulmonex Hose Kit

When Unrestricted Breathing is Critical

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When Unrestricted Breathing is Critical

The Pulmonex Xenon System has negligible internal breathing resistance, yet excess breathing resistance can be due to improper hose apparatus to the patient. Particularly if long, small diameter corrugated hoses are used.

The "free breathing" hose kit is inexpensive and high quality.  The kit includes all required components and adapters to replace disposables on older Pulmonex systems.

The Kit Contains:

  • Two 130-901 "Clean-Bore" hoses

  • Two 130-904 hose clamps

  • A 130-902 non-breathing anesthesia valve  which permits the use of standard disposable bacteria filters and masks while providing unrestricted airways

  • Latex Free

Item Numbers

130-900 Pulmonex Kit, Free-Breathing Hose


130-901 Hose, “Clean-Bore”, 36″ l x 1.125″ dia (91.4 x 2.9 cm)

130-902 Valve, Anesthesia Hans Rudolph, non-rebreathing

130-903 Adapter, Hose

130-904 Clamp, Hose