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The nuclides, activities and dimensions are manufactured in accordance to OEM Camera manufacturer specifications.

Specialized SPECT Sources

Leader in Specialized Attenuation Correction and Quality Control sources for all SPECT systems

  • Featuring sources for Siemens Symbia Auto QC and Philips Brightview XCT Systems

  • Most sources stocked and available to ship within 5 business days

Sources for Attenuation Correction

Camera ManufacturerCamera ModelNuclideNominal ActivitySold AsSystem RequiresRecommended Replacement
SiemensE-CamGd-153192 mCiSet/ 281 setN/A
Gd-15380 mCiSet/ 41 set6 months
SymbiaGd-15310 mCiEach12 years
Co-5750 µCiEach11 year
GE HealthcareMilleniumGd-153450 mCiSet/ 2112-18 months
MyositeGd-153450 mCiSet/ 2112-18 months
SMV DST XLIGd-153300 mCiEach212-18 months
Philips/AdacMDC VertexGe-68500 µCiEach11 year
ForteGd-153250 mCiEach11 year
SkylightLead PigEach312-18 months
Cardio 60
Cardio MDGd-153240 mCiEach212-18 months
PrecedenceGd-153100 µCiEach612-18 months
Brightview XCTGd-153100 µCiEach612-18 months

Item Numbers

NES-8412 Attenuation correction source for Philips Forte (Set of 2)

NES-8412P Pigs for the NES-8412

NES-8497 Attenuation correction source for Philips Cardio MD

NES-8429 Attenuation correction source for GE Millennium / Myosight

NES-8426-4 Attenuation correction source for Siemens E-CAM

MMS07-153-100U Gd-153 Multi Modal QC Disc 100uCi *must buy 6

HEGL-0133 Gd-153 QC Nominal 10mCi Rod Source for Symbia