Head/Arm Supports

Designed to safely fit the multi head imaging and diagnostic cameras

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Sirona Complete Care carries Head/Arm Supports that are developed to securely and reliably accommodate multi-head imaging and diagnostic cameras. The head/arm supports we offer provide a soft coating for patient comfort that is also durable and easy to clean according to the today’s strictest standards.

When you need head/arm support accessories for diagnostic and therapeutic medical imaging procedures, we understand that you require solutions that deliver for both medical professionals and patients. The Head/Arm Supports carried by Sirona Complete Care provides arm and head support and passive restraint for an improved experience.

  • The Arm Support II 248-1600. 18" w x 12" D x 9" H

  • The Arm Support III 160028 U SHAPED and narrow to easily fit PET / Molecular Imaging cameras.

    17" W x 21" D x 9.75" H

  • The Arm Support V available by Sirona fully supports patients’ arms, head and shoulders. It measures 7" H x 17" W x 12" L.

  • Cardiac E-Cam Head & Wing Set 3 piece. 2 wings and 1 head cushion. Part # 423424

The Side Arm Holder is designed to fit under the mattress and uses the patient’s weight to hold it in place.

Spect Arm Boards offered by Sirona Complete Care are designed to fit all SPECT tables and widens the available surface.

The Arm Support Straps we carry are developed to lower patient fatigue by immobilizing and supporting the patient's arms at their side.

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Item Numbers

248-1600 Patient Arm Support II

160028 Arm Support III

5200-3563 Clear Side Arm Holder, 1 set, supports aid for narrow imaging tables

SCC-3017 Side Arm Holder, 1 set, versatile support aids for narrow imaging tables 18” x 10.5”

423424 Cardiac E-Cam Head & Wing Set 3 piece. 2 wings and 1 head cushion