Horizontal Drop CII Sharps Shield

Comes with hinged top and easy opening

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These leaded sharps containers are available for Nuclear Medicine needs. Designed for containment of one medium size Horizontal-Entry Monoject Sharps Container or one medium Gator Sharps container.

The Horizontal Drop CII Sharps Shield comes with a Key-Lock safety feature, and hinged top with easy opening for replacement. Shielded with 1/8″ lead, this unit can be specified with 1/4″ shielding.

The Horizontal Drop CII Sharps Shield is designed to use a Horizontal-Entry Sharps Container with greater filling capacity since the syringes lie flat.


  • All units have Key-Lock tops to meet OSHA requirements

  • Lead thickness 1/8″ or 1/4″

  • Hinged top for easy opening and removal of sharps


  • Standard Model Shielding: .125″ lead with 4 pi shielding

  • Standard Model Interior Dimensions: 11″ h x 7.25″ w x 11″ l (28 x 18.4 x 28.2 cm)

  • Standard Model Exterior Dimensions: 12.625” h x 9.19” w x 13.75” l (32 x 23.34 x 35 cm)

  • Standard Model Weight: 52 lbs. (23.6 cm)

Item Number

0660-0038 Horizontal Drop CII Sharps Shield (Standard)

0660-1832 Davon Gator Sharps Medium (For Standard) case of 30