Mounting Flange

A must for all hot labs with limited counter space.

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The Mounting Flange allows the chamber for the CRC®-25R calibrator to be mounted in a cabinet or fume hood flush with the surface of the countertop, saving counter space. This is a MUST for all hot labs with limited counter space.

This mounting unit is designed to be used with the chamber for the CRC-25R unit. It can also be used for the CRC®-15 Ultra, and the CRC®-127R calibrator. The flange is made of brushed aluminum that lies flat against the countertop. It allows the well liner insert to be installed from the top and permits removal of the well for cleaning or decontamination.

The flush Mounting Flange is easily installed in existing or new cabinets or hoods. Drawings are available upon request.

Item Number

7310-2307 Mounting Flange