Multiple Automatic Dose Dispenser

Ideal for routine dispensing of various radiopharmaceuticals.

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This dispenser allows the pharmacist to compound and dispense radiopharmaceuticals from three individual shielded vials into a unit dose syringe. It is ideal for routine dispensing of various radiopharmaceuticals.


  • A rotating vial holder for loading three vials with a gas vent filter is included. Desired doses are input and the selected vial rotates to the upright position of the shielded syringe platform to introduce the syringe needle to draw the dose.

  • The shielded syringe platform has two operation platforms. One platform is for rotating the syringe to the desired vial position, another platform has two actuators to introduce the syringe needle and to draw the plunger.

  • An automatic needle decapper is equipped to remove and recap the needle during the procedure


  • Easy to place various drugs in the vial holders for unit dose drawing.

  • All the procedures are controlled by PC programming software. This provides the ability to easily set dose volumes, decay time corrections, various compounding factors, and manage the database.


  • Dispensing a dose can be completed within 40 seconds


  • There are three shielded vial holders to load the various radiopharmaceuticals. Each vial holder utilizes tungsten vial shields for PET or lead glass vial shields for SPECT doses. 10 to 30 m vials can be accommodated.

  • The 9 mm tungsten syringe shielding with LED illumination provides radiation shielding and the clear view of the dose volume during procedures.


  • Dimensions: 30 x 30 x 39 cm (W x D x H)

  • Weight: 30 kg

  • Power: 110 to 220 V 5 A, 50/60 Hz

  • Gas Power: 4 to 6 Bars

Item Numbers

0670-0029 Multiple Automatic Dose Dispenser