Perflexion Flood Source

Reduces bulk and weight with its unique flexible design

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Perflexion flood source reduces bulk and weight with its unique flexible design and tungsten composite Wolfguard shield.

Perflexion Flood Source

Perflexion is a leading flood source due to its superior uniformity, low impurities and excellent durability.


  • Flexibility provides for easy storage

  • Lightweight - source and shield for standard gamma camera together weigh less than 20 lb - flood source alone weighs just 3 lb!

  • Tungsten shielded tube storage case offers best radiation protection available

  • Compact size and higher attenuation of shield permits storage in the vicinity of your camera

  • Fits all round and rectangular cameras

  • Optional lead-lined storage case


  • Lightest Weight – weighs less than 29lbs including the tungsten shield and soft case

  • Smallest form factor – source rolls to fit in a 6”x6”x22” tube for convenient storage.

  • Best Shielding – 5-10 times better than lead cases.

Item Numbers

0975-0060 23.9″x16.4” 10 mCi Co57

0975-0061 23.9″x16.4” 5 mCi Co57

0975-0062 23.9″x16.4” 15 mCi Co57

0975-0063 23.9″x16.4” 20 mCi Co57