PET Mobile Shield

99% Attenuation Of 511 keV Photons

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The PET Mobile Shield provides excellent protection from the high-energy 511keV photons of PET isotopes. The shield is a cost-effective and versatile way of ensuring adequate radiation protection in a PET facility.

The mobile shield can be easily rolled into position for injecting, dispensing or handling PET isotopes. Once it is no longer needed it can be conveniently stored out of the way. The mobility of the shield will save on the cost of constructing high-energy work areas in the nuclear medicine department.

The PET Mobile Shield is the perfect compliment to 511keV measurement and shielding products.


  • 2 3/8″ (60 mm) thick lead bricks encased in steel
  • 4″ (10 cm) thick lead glass view port
  • 99% attenuation of 511 keV photons
  • Height adjustment range of 5 1/2″ (14 cm)
  • Two 360° locking swivel casters

Item Number

5530-3042 PET Mobile Shield