PET Sensitivity Phantom ™ – NEMA

Ideal for PET camera sensitivity

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The NEMA PET Sensitivity Phantom is designed in accordance with the recommendations by the National Electrical manufacturers Association (NEMA) to standardize the measurement of performance of PET. The product contains six concentric aluminum tubes used to detect camera sensitivity in PET.

The NEMA PET Sensitivity Phantom is used to calculate the ability of the camera to detect decay events, while separating out the effect of attenuation. The product can also be used to measure the sensitivity of ability for the scanner to detect positrons.

  • Complies with NEMA 2012 Standard

  • Ideal for PET camera sensitivity


Five internally stacked concentric aluminum tubes – all 700 mm in length.

  • 1st Tube

    • Inside Diameter: 3.9 mm

    • Outside Diameter: 6.4 mm

  • 2nd Tube

    • Inside Diameter: 7.0 mm

    • Outside Diameter: 9.5 mm

  • 3rd Tube

    • Inside Diameter: 10.2 mm

    • Outside Diameter: 12.7 mm

  • 4th Tube

    • Inside Diameter: 13.4 mm

    • Outside Diameter: 15.9 mm

  • 5th Tube

    • Inside Diameter: 16.6 mm

    • Outside Diameter: 19.1 mm

  • 6th Innermost Tube (a fillable polyethylene tube)

    • Inside Diameter: 2 mm

    • Outside Diameter: 3.2 mm

  • Shipping Weight: 3 lb (1.3 kg)

Item Number

043-769 Phantom, PET Sensitivity, NEMA 2012