PET Unit Dose Cabinet

Designed for hot labs with limited space

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The Unit Dose Cabinet is designed for hot labs with limited space.The upper left compartment holds two Sharps containers to facilitate decay rotation. A small chute with removable shielded lid allows syringe disposal into the front container. A large rear port allows safe removal of the second decayed container. The upper right compartment is for bulk storage of unit dose ammo boxes. The shielded door provides access without additional exposure.

Side-by-side middle drawers can be used for storage of syringes, sources, pigs, radioisotopes and other small items requiring lead shielding.

Phantoms and flood sources can be stored in the bottom drawer which runs the full width of the cabinet.


  • Designed for PET hot labs with limited space

  • Accommodates:

    • Compact L-Block Shield with Built-in Dose Calibrator Shield

    • PET Sharps Container Shield

    • Lead Brick Cave

    • Atomlab Dose Calibrators and most others

  • Sliding shelves for:

    • PET shipping containers

    • Small items

  • Lead shielded on all six sides

  • Key-locked doors


  • Dimensions: 36.5″ w x 24″ depth x 36.5″ h (93 x 61 x 93 cm)

  • Lead Shielding: .25″ thick (.64 cm)

  • Finish: Powder coat

  • Doors: Key-locked

  • Countertop: Stainless steel with 4″ (10.2 cm) backsplash and .5″ (1.3 cm) lip

  • Weight Capacity: 1550 lb (703 kg)

  • Weight: 1240 lb (562 kg)

Item Numbers

244-200 Cabinet, PET, Unit Dose, .25″ lead. Does not accommodate lead brick cave.

244-205 Cabinet, PET, Unit Dose, .25″ lead. Accommodates lead brick cave 042-434
Note: The cabinet is also available with .5″ and 1″ lead shielding.


042-433 L-Block Shield, Compact, 1.5″ lead. With built-in Dose Calibrator Shield.

042-434 Lead Brick Cave, 3-wall, 2″ lead. Fits 042-433 L-Block Shield.

5730-2271 PET Sharps Container Shield