Scan-Track ™ External System with Scan-Bands ®

Quickly Position Patients for Virtually Any Procedure

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A heavy duty track system that connects to the cradle under your systems table pad. This gives your patients a much more comfortable, safer and secure imaging experience. Straps are easily attached and help keep your patients still during imaging, providing clearer images and quicker scanning.

Scan-Track™ External System with Scan-Bands®

Quickly position patients for virtually any procedure.

What's included in the Scan-Track™ External System with Scan-Bands®?

The system includes the heavy duty track system, scan-bands and the accompanying corded straps. The track system comes in 72" and 44".


  • Channel installs onto the imaging table, allowing Patient Support Straps to easily attach and slide along the length of the track
  • Provides uninterrupted travel of Patient Support Straps down the length of the scanner
  • Fast positioning and superior patient support
  • Increases technologists’ positioning capabilities
  • Optimizes patient positioning to improve comfort during immobilization
  • Ideal for accommodating different studies
  • Utilizes the otherwise idle space along the outer edge of the scanner
  • 72" and 44″ long track system
  • Attach to the table and/or table pad’s existing hook or loop adhesive tape


Our office had a need for a patient support strap for our Cardiac PET scanner. Sirona Complete Care was able to provide us with an external Patient Support System with Scan-Bands. The PSS with Scan-Bands was easy to install and use. The Scan-Band straps have enhanced our patient comfort, especially for those patients who are able to raise one or both arms above their head for the scan. The Patient Support System with Scan-Bands has provided to be beneficial in many ways, it is easy to use and most importantly minimizing patient motion. Thank you Sirona Complete Care.

Clinical Accounts Manager
Newark DE


Item Numbers

SCC-PSS44 Scan-Track™ External System with Antimicrobial Scan-Bands®
44” Track with 15” W x 32” L and 15” W x 23” L left and right straps
with hook and loop
SCC-PSS72 Scan-Track™ External System with Antimicrobial Scan-Bands®
72” Track with 15” W x 32” L and 15” W x 23” L left and right straps
with hook and loop