T-Line Vial Shield

Complete USP <797/825> Solution

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The emergence of theranostics has revolutionized nuclear medicine, sparking the necessity for innovations to reduce exposure and ensure safe manipulations. The T-Line Vial Shields offered by Sirona Complete Care are designed to provide a continuum of radiation safety during radiopharmacy production processes from elution to dose dispensing.

Special provisions for radiation protection and limiting exposure are required by federal and state radiation regulatory authorities for personnel who handle radiopharmaceuticals. The shielding features and designs of T-Line Vial Shields adhere to these provisions and incorporate USP 797/825 considerations.

Composed of 95% Tungsten, T-Line Vial Shields dramatically lower nuclear medicine technologists’ exposure while an ergonomic grip improves handling. The design incorporates a magnetic injection port lid for single-handed manipulations to reduce extremity exposure.

  • Balances aseptic handling with radiation protection

  • Provides an aseptic milieu for radiopharmaceuticals

  • Inserts designed to mitigate touch contamination

  • Integrated injection port reduces radiation exposure

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  • Integrated USP <797/825> shielding between hand and vial, eliminating the need for forceps designs and features

  • Magnetic cover allows for one-handed manipulation

  • Injection port targets needle to septum “sweet spot” to prevent coring

  • Vial Grip provides up to 95% protection

  • Grip keeps shielding materials from coming into contact with septum

  • Corrosion resistant

  • Virtually unbreakable

  • Easily sanitized by sterile IPA or other commonly used agents


T-Line Vial Shield (10 ml)

  • Dimensions:

    – O.D.: 1.3″ dia. x 3″ h (3.3 x 7.6 cm)

    – I.D.: 0.93″ dia. x 3″ h (2.4 x 7.6 cm)

  • Tungsten Shielding (95%): 0.197″ thick (.5 cm)

  • Lead Equivalent: .31″ thick (.79 cm)

  • Weight: 2.5 lb (1.1 kg)

T-Line Vial Shield (30 ml)

  • Dimensions:

    – O.D.: 1.89″ dia. x 3.7″ h (4.8 x 9.4 cm)

    – I.D.: 1.5″ dia. x 3.7″ h (3.8 x 9.4 cm)

  • Tungsten Shielding (95%): 0.197″ thick (.5 cm)

  • Lead Equivalent: .31″ thick (.79 cm)

  • Weight: 4.5 lb (2 kg)

Item Numbers

053-552 Vial Shield, T-Line, 10 ml

053-553 Vial Shield, T-Line, 30 ml


053-554 Vial Grip