Table Pads for General Electric (GE)

Custom Table Pads without the Custom Price!

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At Sirona Complete Care we carry custom Table Pads for General Electric Nuclear and Molecular Imaging cameras (SPECT, PET, SPECT/CT, PET/CT and PET/MR), but without the custom pricing. We also have a full line of a variety of Table Pads that work with most cameras. If your camera isn’t listed, just call us. We can accommodate
just about any request and we take pride in working in partnership with our clients to help them better serve their patients.

Our Table Pads for General Electric come in Medical Grade Coverings of Grey or Blue to complement the look and feel of your department. The Medical Grade Covering is designed for patients’ comfort as well as easy cleaning and disinfecting. We understand how important it is to help facilitate patients’ ease when it comes to any kind of medical imaging, but perhaps even more so in Nuclear Medicine / Molecular Imaging.


  • Discovery

  • Infinia: with and without straps

  • MG: Head & Table Pad

  • Millenium

  • Myosight

  • NXI

  • Ventri

  • Starguide

Optional colors available:

  • Navy Blue

  • Grey

We carry Replacement Table pads for most cameras! Don’t see your table listed? Call or email us!

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