Table Pads for Siemens

Custom Table Pads without the Custom Price!

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At Sirona Complete Care, we offer table pads for Siemens made to your exact specifications. You can choose the specific dimensions you need, as well as the foam type and thickness that works best for your facility. The covering is also up to you, including a choice of Medical Grade Health Care Covering or Spray Coating. Everything is intended to help promote patients’ comfort while also making providing of care more efficient for medical professionals.

We offer replacement table pads for most every type of camera. If your camera isn’t listed, just give us a call — we can accommodate whatever you need.

Your facility or department is unique and at Sirona, we are here in partnership to help you deliver the best possible care to the patients walking through your door.

The replacement table pads offered by Sirona Complete Care are made of the best quality materials available and include an antimicrobial covering with a coating sprayed across the entire surface.


  • Biograph

  • E-CAM

  • E-CAT

  • Intevo

  • Symbia

Optional colors available:

  • Navy Blue

  • Grey

Order our printed catalog for more than 200 pages of everything we have to offer in products, accessories, and more for Nuclear Medicine, Nuclear Cardiology, and Positron Emission Tomography (PET).