Veinlite PEDI2 ®

Ideal for the NICU or newborn nursery

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The all-new PEDI2 is the perfect solution for eliminating multiple sticks in children during venipuncture procedures. It's the world’s best vein access device for use in Pediatric medicine, replacing the Veinlite PEDI model. It is compact and versatile, perfect for children of all ages, from infants to adolescents. PEDI2 outperforms the original PEDI in every way, adding new features like 3-way brightness control, 29% larger opening, and longer battery life.

The PEDI2 features a large viewing area, color selection, brightness control, and high contrast for vein imaging. The Veinlite PEDI2 is powered by 2 triple AAA batteries. They provide between 2 and 4 hours of continuous illumination depending on the number of LEDs turned on and the brightness level used. At a cost of under $200. Veinlite PEDI2 is both clinically proven and affordable.


  • Achieve 100% vein access success in children, eliminating multiple failed IV attempts – In clinical trials, first attempt success rate was significantly higher when using Veinlite compared with the Standard of Care (93% vs 72%). Compare to infrared devices which only provided a 45% success rate.

  • Portable, handheld vein finder features one-handed operation for ease of use – Switchable light colors for vein imaging, with 3 levels of adjustable brightness control.

  • Veinlite PEDI2 is held against the skin and shows vein structures through transillumination. Once a suitable vein is identified, the C-shaped opening prevents the vein from rolling during venipuncture.

  • Meets INS & CDC Guidelines for Infection Control – Uses affordable disposable plastic covers to prevent patient-to-provider, and patient-to-patient contamination.

  • PEDI2 can be used on children of all ages (0-17 years).


  • Small/compact size for use on pediatric patients (ages 0-17 years)

  • Color selection

  • 3 levels of brightness

  • Auto shut-off timer

  • Almost twice the imaging area of the original PEDI

  • Meets INS and CDC guidelines for infection control

Item Number

VPEDI2 Veinlite PEDI