Vial Grip

Protects the septum, preserving aseptic environment

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Disruptive Shielding Technologies

Expanding use of life-saving theranostic isotopes combined with more rigorous regulations have made concerns of safety in nuclear medicine practice greater than ever. SWE custom shielding solutions fill the gap for essential radio-protection during the handling of high-energy theranostic isotopes.

Supports USP <797/825> standards

Patent pending vial grip enhances radiation safety, while supporting USP <797/825> standards. The vial grip mechanism protects the septum, preserving aseptic environment by preventing contact with shielding elements as well as indirect contact. Radiation safety is enhanced during compounding processes such as heat block/boiling and vial visual inspection and assay. The vial grip prevents heat transfer to shielding elements, reducing the need for forceps.

NOTE: Currently supplied as easily sanitized Delrin component, vial grip will be supplied as single-use aseptic consumable.


  • Reduces need for forceps during compounding, QA manipulations
  • Enhances shielding during heat block/boiling process (e.g. Dotatate, Tc-MIBI, Tc-SC)
  • Protection up to 95% between hand and vial
  • Enhances aseptic quality, important for USP standards.

Item Number

053-554 Vial Grip