Xenon-133 Rebreathing System

Provides a simple, safe and inexpensive method of administering Xenon-133

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Disposable pre-packaged complete kits

The Xenon-133 Rebreathing System provides the clinician with a simple, safe and inexpensive method of administering Xenon-133 to perform perfusion steady state and washout studies. A 35-liter bag provides ample volume for patient maintenance and collection of expired Xenon-133.

The system is:

  • Disposable

  • Constructed of inert, non-permeable plastic, precluding xenon absorption or transfer through the device's components

  • Designed to accept any xenon cylinder or syringe/gun administration system

Choose the mouthpiece or the face mask with direct dose; each comes as a complete disposable system including a prefilled Soda-Lime absorber cartridge to prevent messy measuring and to save time. Whichever system you prefer, the xenon gas is administered directly to the patient for single breath static imaging.

Perfusion studies are easily accomplished by placing the patient on the system and injecting the dissolved xenon/saline intravenously while the patient holds their breath.

Washout is accomplished by opening one valve, admitting external air to the intake side. Upon completion of patient washout, the system is sealed by means of an appropriate damp. The user removes the system to a storage area for decay or to a hood for venting. The unit is then repackaged in a resealable bag provided and disposed of according to NRC regulations.

Latex Free

Item Numbers

060-133 Xenon-133 Rebreathing System, Mouthpiece. Kit includes: Mouthpiece (130-551) Denotes Single Use Only.

060-137 Xenon-133 Rebreathing System, Adult Denotes Single Use Only. Kit includes: Air-Cushioned Face Mask with Direct Dose Administration (132-698)