Xenon/Master Patient Delivery System

Controlled Xenon release with two quick bulb squeezes

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The much admired Xenon/Master® Xenon Delivery System combines quality with ease of use, patient comfort and cost effectiveness. Simple operation, low maintenance and a small footprint make the Xenon/Master® a favorite of nuclear technicians. With the option of pre-loading a patient dose into the system and virtually no breathing resistance, patient comfort and compliance are improved. Charcoal trap effluent may be monitored at any time using a standard low-level survey meter, thereby avoiding expensive add-ons. The Xenon/Master® also features a lightweight charcoal trap system that easily converts from low to high yield use. With readily available replacement parts and phenomenal workmanship, the life of the well-designed Xenon/Master® has proven to be decades.

Improving Patient Care

  • Resistance-free breathing improves patient comfort and compliance.

  • To accommodate patient concerns, xenon may be pre-loaded into the system or injected at or near the mouthpiece/face mask.

  • Squeeze bulb provides perfectly timed delivery of pre-loaded patient dose.

  • Internal capillary tube quickly delivers xenon directly to patient mouthpiece or air-cushioned face mask.

  • Panel mounted one-way valve allows oxygen to be added to rebreathe bag at any time.

  • Available scuba style Safety Shield™ Mouthpiece reduces mouthpiece slippage and possible leakage from the corners of the mouth.

  • A variety of Xenon Administration Sets with air-cushioned face mask are available for patients unable to use a mouthpiece and/or nose clip.

  • Xenon/Master® features locking swivel castors and a long, coiled electrical cord for convenient placement near a patent.

  • Improving Safety

  • Fully lead lined at or above recommended levels for patient and operator safety.

  • Locking casters prevent rolling while in use.

  • Exhaust port allows trap effluent to be measured at any time using standard low-level survey meter.

  • Available Xenon Administration Set with HEPA filter for patients known to have a transmittable illness. HEPA filter provides greater than 99.9% trapping efficiency.

  • Available scuba style Safety Shield™ Mouthpiece reduces mouthpiece slippage and possible leakage from the corners of the mouth. The snap on cap is used to collect saliva during removal for a quick and safer disposal.

  • Locking support arms reduce the possibility of injury during maintenance.

  • Charcoal trap is lightweight and easy to exchange.

  • Additional Value

  • Xenon/Master® comes complete. No expensive add-ons required.

  • Simple operation and maintenance saves valuable tech time.

  • Small Footprint conserves space and eases transport (19 ½ in. L x 21 in. D x 40 ½ in. H)

  • Single charcoal trap easily converts to double trap for high-yield use.

  • Minimal maintenance and readily available replacement parts

  • Xenon Administration Set samples available upon request.