XenoVAP Administration System

For Ventilator-assisted patients

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For Ventilator-assisted patients

An inexpensive, disposable device used to administer Xenon-133 and to collect the expired gas on ventilator-assisted patients. The system accommodates any standard tracheotomy tube (15 mm I.D.).

The ventilator-assisted patient is removed from their regular device and placed on this system for short term ventilator assistance during the procedure. The patient's breathing is first stabilized and then Xe-133 is injected into the system. The VAP is squeezed and held until sufficient counts are collected by the gamma camera system or until the patient must breathe. The pump is released, forcing the patient to breathe through the system to collect an "equillibrium phase" image.  When sufficient data has been collected, the valve is opened and the patient breathes room air and Xe-133 is eliminated into a collection bag. The gamma camera system should immediately begin collecting data for the "washout phase" image.

Once the study is complete, the entire rebreathing system is disposed of in accordance with NRC regulations.

The System contents include:

  • Ventilator-Assist pump (VAP) with 2037 cc volume capacity
  • Endotrachial Tube Connection (15 mm I.D.) accommodates standard tracheotomy tube
  • Injection site for administration of Xe-133
  • Oxygen Inlet to collection bag
  • CO2 absorber (pre-filled with Soda Lime and dust filter)
  • 35-liter Collection bag

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