Zevalin Y-90 Unit Dose Pig

Accommodates a 10 cc B-D syringe filled to 9 cc

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The Unit Dose Pig is designed to reduce exposure from Beta emitting radiopharmaceuticals, such as the Y-90 component of a Zevalin™ treatment. The barrel of the pig is constructed of .09" thick (2.3 mm) lead and .36" (9.1 mm) acrylic that attenuates beta emissions and errant Bremsstrahlung. The lead and acrylic are encased in a durable Lexan.

The pig accommodates a 10 cc B-D syringe filled to 9 cc. The pig fits into the Zevalin shipping container and most Ammo cans.


  • Dimensions: 10.3″ l x 2.3″ dia. (26 x 5.8 cm)

  • Lead Shielding: .09″ thick (2.3 mm)

  • Acrylic Shielding: .36″ thick (9.1 mm)

  • Weight: 3 lb (1.4 kg)

Item Numbers

001-788 Pig, Unit Dose, Zevalin Y-90. Accommodates 10 cc syringe with or without needle, filled to 9 cc.


001-284 Pig Rack, PET

001-771 Sheets, Absorbent, 100/pkg