Following news posted last week by SNMMI 1 , Sirona Complete Care has received several communications from partners and end users. Nuclear medicine departments are seeking guidance on the appropriate use of ventilation devices for V/Q scans considering the potential transmissibility of COVID-19.

Local healthcare authorities and infection control units should be the primary source of information and guidance on the best way to handle patients during the COVID-19 outbreak. Disinfection protocols for medical equipment should already be in place and enforced. The decision-making process involved in performing a ventilation scan remains the entire responsibility of the referring physician and the nuclear medicine professional’s team on site, in accordance with recommendations and guidelines from trusted entities such as SNMMI.

We are actively working on providing you with the most accurate and recent information on ventilation devices.

The Biodex Pulmonex® 1 internal filters are currently undergoing thorough testing. Unfortunately, the ongoing filter test cannot guarantee the COVID-19 or any other organism will be captured or filtered out or completely trapped. No filter has 100% filtration efficiency. Filter testing is never performed by targeting a specific organism but based on particle characteristics and their nature (size, charge, water, blood, dust, lint, etc.). Until we receive more information, we advise you to use alternative single use ventilation devices, such as Biodex Venti-Scan™ IV RadioaerosolAeroTech™ I or Xenon-133 Rebreathing System in cases where it is still indicated to perform a ventilation study. In all cases, strictly follow your local departmental policies and procedures.

As the COVID-19 situation evolves, we will provide you with the most recent information when available. Do not hesitate to Sirona Complete Care with any questions or concerns.

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