As the fastest-growing discipline in nuclear medicine and molecular imaging, theranostics is revolutionizing the category, and saving lives in the process.

At the same time, better shielding solutions are needed to reduce exposure and meet new regulatory standards.

  • Innovative theranostic syringe & vial shields
  • Top-quality shipping systems
  • Lead-lined furniture for customized workstations
  • USP chapter <825> and <797> solutions

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Distributor of SWE Theranostic Accessories

SWE Theranostic Syringe Shields

Tungsten syringe shields provide safety from dispensing and transport to administration.

Ga-68 Vial Shield

Provides a continuum of radiation safety during radiopharmacy production for Gallium-68.

Y-90 Lucite Vial Shield

Fully transparent vial shields offer a complete USP <797/825> solution for hot labs.

T-Line Vial Shield

Designed to offer enhanced ALARA protection for SPECT radiopharmacy applications.

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